Airbag Litigation Described by Attorney Rich Newsome

Image4Rich Newsome is a veteran attorney who has expertise in representing the plaintiffs injured due to defects in airbags. His experienced and professionalism in this area has allowed him to present ‘Airbag Lawsuits 101’ which describes all the major possibilities a defective airbag can hurt. It also explains in what scenarios the case becomes litigation worthy.

Three major factors which make plaintiff eligible to file lawsuit are as under.

  • According to Newsome, the badly firing of airbag can result in serious fatality. This case is associated with the airbag firing which results in the shattering of metal pieces. These fired metal pieces are fast enough to cause injury and even death. This is one kind of lawsuit.
  • The second type of lawsuit is concerned with the airbags which do not go off when they are supposed to. For example, the airbag should respond quickly to the side impacts or frontal crash. If it doesn’t work, it means that there could be a defect in sensor for whatever the reason. One major cause of this defect is the interference with the sensor while the car is repaired. Another reason for airbags being nonfunctional is the deployment of side curtain air bags. These airbags typically fail to respond after a rollover crash.
  • Another type of lawsuit covers the cases related to airbags going off when they are not supposed to. Sometimes the sensor wrongly interprets it to a crash when car hits the road bump. This firing of airbag can cause the consumer to lose control over the car, finally resulting in an accident. According to Newsome, this type of case is frequent, yet people do not pay proper attention to it.

In a recent case presented by Newsome, a woman hit a barrier on the road while she was traveling at the speed of just 8 – 10 miles per hour. It resulted in the firing of airbag which killed her.

It is worth mentioning that there has been a recall for defective airbags installed in 24 million vehicles. It has been the biggest recall of this industry. The big matter of concern is that fact that most consumers are unaware of their cars’ airbags defects. Newsome has blamed automotive industry for not releasing this vital information to the public. However, government has taken steps to publish some generic information in this regard. Hence, you can get information if you know a little about the issue beforehand.

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